John of Brighton

King David - Sufferers, Lovers, Freedom Terrorists & Jackal Terrorists

Wilderness Yes People

1. The wilderness is still being destroyed with government consent in Australia and overseas.

2. The government is controlled by the 1% with excess wealth.

3. Most of the 99% are sick of environmental control in the hands of global elite puppets

4. Many decent people, young and old, like those in the Occupy Now Society are telling the world of this fact.

5. Yes we know of it, including the 1% - we can say many dogs are barking about this Global Elite.

6. But now is the time to stop the the government allowing the 1% to increase their excess wealth from wilderness destruction.

7. We stopped slavery by government making slavery illegal, not by continuing to bark at the 1% who were slave owners.

8. The result was good for the 99% and the1%.

9. We made excess speed and excess alcohol illegal which was good for the 99% as well as the 1% who were excessive drivers.

10. So?? We make government make excess wealth illegal to stop the 1% destroying the 100 per cent's wilderness via their political puppets.

11. And the bonus? Excess wealth limit would stop the destruction of living standards for those of the 99% below the necessarily relevant excess poverty limit. [Remember there is an excessive slowness related to excessive speed on certain highways.]

12. As well as stopping: excessively low [slave] wages and polluted working conditions favouring the 1per cent's excessive profits; excess wealth financing maufactured war and paedophilia cabals; bank, media and oil cartels - - -

13. Yes. The Wilderness Society does not need to affiliate with any political party, but like other practical societies, it can criticise those parties that don't have an Excess Wealth policy.

14. This way it becomes very difficult for a politician, or anyone, to publicly declare support for legalized Excess Wealth.

15. The time has come for the Wilderness Society and us to bark less about an obvious problem and more about an obvious solution.

Regards John Casley - new Wilderness Society member.

Who has now left as membership leaders not interested in pushing for an Excessive Personal Wealth Tax.