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Unfree Radio Talkback

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N.B. It's not easy for management and other radio staff to face these talkers and topics. When you mention these weaknesses or sins of omission to most of them, you can almost hear the perspiration falling in the poor things' collars - even above their bustling as they brush you off and flee!

But they have mortgages, low pyramid placement [click Excess], families to support financially, peer groups and sects to please for social comfort - - - And the Big End of Town [Military Industrial Complex or Global Elite or Illuminati or Orwellian State] knows it, is such a strong master - and demands timidity and 'dumbing down'. But the truth must be told. So let's help these workers by laughing with scorn at their Master. To do this we must understand the MIC, so its pyramid can crumble. President Eisenhower understood it. Do you? Perhaps a bit.

Let's not waste time with 'the media' - though it is useful to know how it is conning the naive; let's get info from the internet before the MIC bans certain true and telling tales there as well!

Then, when enough of us are more sure of our ground, we can gently push management and presenters - - - Then, as these topics become more fashionable [politically 'acceptable' & socially 'comfortable'], radio staff in your country and mine, won't perspire so much and will join in with us more. We must keep in the forefront of our minds that the struggle and mocking should not be between us, but between us and them. That is easy to say, but beware - the MIC is so clever at manipulating the ancient game of divide and rule for their success in excess.