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King David - Sufferers, Lovers, Freedom Terrorists & Jackal Terrorists

Military Cruelty by the Military Industrial Complex

The cruelty of manufactured holocausts against both Jews and Gentiles, has been horrific in the past - and continues today.
Zionists and Fascists have manufactured Jewish & Gentile victimization for profit via MIC* Fear-Divide-War-Rule-Secrecy. And it continues right now!

These plutocrats are using money, ministers, military and media power, to profit from sectarian and economic apartheid. Let' face it. Click Excess and other Cartoons. Let's do it.
For details of this - - - dual victimization - - - dual apartheid - - - dual holocaust - - - dual profit - - - see book pages 55 & 212

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50 years ago Dwight Eisenhower stated publicly that it was not he, the popularly elected political leader of the world's most powerful nation who ruled America, but that those of the Military Industrial Complex* did. A truly amazing statement.

So when did you last hear the Media mention this fact? Why is the Media so silent [& banning] about even the expression, 'MIC' let alone its members, secrecy and impact? - - - " Well, it can be explained by the Coincidence Theory. Ike may have made a slip - he only said it once anyway - - - I mean who would dare call it Conspiracy? Surely only nationals like those Germans, Russians, Chinese, Iranians and even the French conspire - certainly not internationalists like Plutocrats. Just ask any successful journalist."
For more detail on the MIC, see book pages 8 & 261