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Excess Wealth & Power


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N.B. We do not live in a Democracy. We live in a Plutocracy. Our Plutocracy is a secretive, corrupt Plutocracy, with our unfree Media as a cringing puppet* to these Plutocrats - while always talking to you of Democracy, and never mentioning the reality of today's Plutocracy and Trillionaires [Click Tweedle Cartoon].

The plutocratic murder [Decree of Gation 2nd Vatican Council] of our world's vulnerable [starving, crippled, tortured, wage and sex slaves], is by the commission of those Jews and Gentiles who are Zionist, Fascist & Sadist**, or by fools & cowards who murder by omission. [The monarchs of England murder by omission. They are [often cartoon] symbols of Plutocracy. These puppets of the ruling rich class are propaganda symbols in Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli's famous quote, 'England is two nations - rich and poor'.]

The above pyramid of absurd, cruel plutocracy, can not exist if decent Jews and decent Gentiles reject brainwashing, ignorance, silence & timidity. So please pass on these facts.

The world's press [despite John's money] is now banning*** the sparkling, moral, and legal cartoons/advertisements of; just like Radio bans his talkback opinions [& yours!] on Plutocracy and Zionism, which involve terrible cruelty to children, women and men.
Can you help with these facts? e.g. seek opinions of wise friends; of wily radio-jocks [don't tell their producers the
exact reason for your call - camouflage just a little to get on!]. Please email/copy and pass on the Plutonic Pyramid in Excess Cartoon.

*These and cringing social workers, waffle about 'generous' tippers to poor people, poor nations, greedy taxpayers in rich nations, abolishing poverty, band-aids, giving - - - There are no filthy rich nations, only filthy rich takers in every nation who demand silence about abolishing their murderous excess.

**A Plutocrat can be Zionist; Fascist; Sadist - like a Fascist can be non-Italian. A Zionist is any Jew or Gentile supporting [via commission or omission] any apartheid-sectarian State e.g. Israel, Vatican, Moslem-Taliban.

***Maybe copy these before this blog is banned - like parts of Google are banned in China by China's web-site secret police?

Detailed clarification is given in the book [esp.34-52, 72-94], but here it's just about a Giant Social Benefit that would be detested by the Global Elite or MIC or 'Big End of Town'. [The book also explains the Great Economic Benefit e,g. employment, waste & demand advantages.]

So in summary, 1. democratically decided limits should be placed on both wealth and poverty so that no-one is over or under certain levels of common sense
2. for those who seek to break this law, additional implementation for this social contract is similar to the way limits are policed in the cases of democratically decided speed and alcohol limits. In brief, The Tax Office and Central Bank {Reserve Bank] would [a] identify and register all privately controlled assets whether real or monetary - similar to the way cars, houses, furniture, jewellery, art and other assets are identified and registered by today's public and private authorities.
[b] identify and register all asset controlled transfers via the Central Bank's issued Bank Card and Asset Register.
[c] ensure that fines and jail sentences are implemented to deal with criminals who control assets in excess of the upper limit, instead of legally transferring them to the Tax Office.
[d] ensure that those foolish folk who spend in a way which brings them below the lower limit, have Bank Card and Asset Register limits placed on their transfer control - similar in principle to quarantine/coupon control placed on certain Australian Aborigines, to ensure that money available for wise spending on food, shelter and education is simply not available for wasteful spending on alcohol and gambling excesses.

Now, it is not enough for us to agree that we are correct in wanting the above reform. William Wilberforce was correct in wanting slavery declared illegal; road speed/alcohol reformers were correct - - - they needed the peasants to agree and the profiteers to be tricked. So they spoke out and - - - . So we must do the same. It is our duty to stop Giant Cruelty.