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Banks Banks Banks

Banks Banks Banks

Don't be ashamed if you are one of the 90% who don't understand banking -1% of those who do, don't want you to understand and the media and academia that the 1% control help to keep you unaware. The other 9% may be too scared to or struggle to, make you aware. John of Brighton's university pragmatically kept clear of intellectual controversy over the economics of banking!

Remember always what Henry Ford said: "If the American people understood banking, there would be a social revolution before morning." So let's all try to understand it step by step and as interestingly as possible so you may interest others when you do understand.

1. Real Estate has agents who buy and sell houses and borrow [lease] and lend [rent] houses for the public for commission. Nothing wrong with that.

Banking has agents who buy and sell money [foreign exchange] and borrow and lend money for the public for commission. Nothing wrong with that.

2. But we observe that Real Estate businesses don't make billions of dollars of profit or pay their CEOs $10 million a year like the banks. Is it possible that this big money comes not from commissions? Yes it is. Let'see the two main ways the private banks [a] get their money and [b] why it is absurd, corrupt and and simply unnecessary.

A. Let's look at the easier one to understand first:
Real Estate agents don't conrol public registers for the transfer of house title or charge for it to benefit their private purses. No, that is done by the peoples' Land Titles Office and charges go into the public purse. What is more, it is economical for the public again in the sense that there is one State computer. Again this computer information is controlled for the people by the people and is open to public scrutiny,

And the banks? Quite different; They not only register transfers of money to and from privately controlled account titles on several computers, which causes more unnecessary cost for the public than if there was one computer for all Australian money titles and their transfers. This computer could be controlled for the people by a Federal Reserve Bank Titles Office. This would be similar to a State's Motor Registration Branch. It would be open to a close, cost efficient scrutiny not available with the many private banking computers. Of course the 1% would be furious in losing secret access to secret account titles for corrupt dealings in tax evasion, drug and paedophile payment transfers. The private banks would be furious at losing their monopoly on charging fees for bank card transfers of money. Every Australian under this system would have a bank card that could only access one Australian bank with Post Offices acting as branches, and all overseas payments and receipts having to go through this one peoples' bank. Money transfers could be free or any charges could go to the public purse.

Gambling misery and taxpayer costs dealing with this misery, would be stopped by the issue of a Gambling Bank Card with a spending limit of 5% each year of a person's bank account total. Any gambling payment not passing through the onebank would be illegal, punishable by a jail sentence. Exploiters of the vunerable would be furious and taxpayers spared from clearing up the mess.

Now for the bigger:

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