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Virus of Mass Destruction [VMD]:
Yet another Govt. conspiracy scam like WMD [Irak], Vietnam, Chile, McCarthyism [Communism],
El Salvador, Panama, Venezuela - - -

Hear videos on and let all of us, the people, circulate this SCAM of the PSYCHOPATHIC elite.


opinions, experiences and personality fascinate, intrigue or simply interest you enough, to make you want to meet with others to discuss/learn of, David's part/significance in our changing world scene - particularly since Brexit?

If so, [apart from checking davidicke headlines] and location is appropriate, you may contact the DAVID ICKE CLUB {MELBOURNE} convenor, John Casley on 0400372947 [evenings].

Other Matters of Personal Conviction [and Insult]:

Like Icke, I believe that Mainstream [Money] Media is controlled by the Elite or 1% in which Zionism [NOT Judaism] plays a huge part.

JON FAINE supported by the ABC is a Zionist Liar who named and banned John Casley aka Johnofbrighton and as a political party Secretary, from the liar's tax paid, talkback morning program. Faine won't refute this published fact - potentially defamatory - to John, onair or in court.

Zionists & Fascists of America ARE ILLEGALLY invading the sovereign State of Syria with their backed proxy Death Squads and Drones and Australian boot-lickers, shouting TERRORISTS - just like they shouted about COMMUNISTS in China and Vietnam, and WMD TERRORISTS in Iraq - - - all LIES. Our bogan feeding Money Media skips the fact that even more innocent babies will be ILLEGALLY but officially bombed ,replacing pictures of crippled babies with headless invaders..Syria is just a stepping stone to invading IRAN which dares to sell its oil for GOLD not the crumbling American Dollar. Remember, Iraq dared to sell its oil for Euros. But then our government CRINGES to the 1% and we elect its puppet liars.

The New Nazis - 'All the Way with Obamay and Donald J' sings Shorten-Turnbull

ILLEGALLY occuping Palestine and slaughtering her children, Zionists claim, "We have a right to defend Israel."
Illegally occupying Poland and slaughtering her children, Nazis claimed, "We have a right to defend Germany."

TRIBUTE to PAUL BARBER: Much admired, brave and very human journalist & talkback presenter. Thank you Paul.

In answer to Jon Faine's continuing, ridiculous ABC talkback ban of John Casley aka John of Brighton, John replies with an opinion of ABC corruption in the public interest based firmly on proper material, "Faine, you have not dared challenge this attack on your reputation and credibility, in Court or with talkback right-of-reply, because you are a political liar and coward like all racist Zionists.Unfortunately the ABC can be gutless in a bogan Australia.

Don't kill the !%, kill their Excess Wealth by making Excess Wealth as illegal as excess speed & excess alcohol; and kill their elected control chances with an MIR test for Excessive Psychopathic Tendency. This will kill the financial economy of the 1% and the military terrorism of the 1%. How? Easy. Click Wilderness Society etc here and also New Nazis as Zionists in the sister site

We know the 1% Money Media, [not the 99% Moneyless Media e.g. fabulous free internet websites like ACTIVIST POST], is corrupt, so is 3AW also corrupted ?:

ATTENTION Manager 3AW, 14th APRIL 2012

Dear Shane Healy,

As seen below, I have received no reason why my prepaid People Yes Party ads. [Contract M31763] were pulled after 2 days of 3AW broadcasting. They are not legally incorrect but if secretly incorrect they may be politically incorrect. If omission is because you have fear as a victim of a political sect or a politically controlled 3AW, I can sympathise, but PYP and public interest need communication for media truth.

Yours truly,

John Casley

Still no 3AW reply..More importantly, see the insights of Activist Post, David Icke, Alex Jones etc on the Moneyless Media exposing liar governments -

The Cold-Eyed, Cringing Australian 'Shorturn Bullten' one-party-policy Plutocracy of Traitors

The Greedy Israeli-American Axis of Zionist Invasion and Puppet Obama

The English Psychopathic Class Devoid of Empathy

The Sadistic Facist 1% Plutocacy of Indonesia

The Amoral Communist Elite of China

The good news is more & more of us of the 99% [who are not too brain-washed] are simply not believing these repeated liars and puppets of the tiny Global Psychopathic Elite; and with firm, peaceful non-cooperation, will deprive them of their absurd excess power, to help cure their sickness and improve our enjoyment of adventure, love and laughter. But quit any complacency. The 1% are desperately poisoning your food, water, money, media minds, job security, medicine, mother earth [HAARP], national sovereignty - - - to scare and weaken you as you resist its push for the New World [Orwellian] Order of a World Facist/Communist Government, Army, Currency, Central Bank, Internet, Eugenics, Food, Vaccine and Micro-Chip Control. Let's face it - it's control of our Black, Yellow and Brown 99% is tight, and getting tighter on our White 99% with the help of our 'elected' Traitor-Puppets.

So, at least TALK to those in the 99% you know [or don't know on radio] about all this, not the no-conscience1% and their sick puppets and JOIN the PROTECTION PARTY for free, to free your conscience.

Your Author John offers 3 works sent to you post-free [but thinks ACTIVIST POST is deeper]:
1. Faine, Delroy & John
Listen to 30 "cut & thrust" snippets from Tony Delroy, Jon Faine, Terry Laidler, Paul Barber, Derek Guille, Peter Couchman, Gail Jennings, Jane Clifton, Pranie West, Jon Faine's co-hosts - - -. Recordings including transcripts, sent to you post-free for AUS$31. Enjoy, laugh, share - - - judge - is any member of the pack, racist, sly, slanderous? Is Court action with all contributing, best for fairness as well as for fun?

2. Book - King David & You - AUS$20 if ordered with 1, otherwise AUS$26

3. Book - Treasure & Gunboats - AUS$10 if ordered with 1, otherwise AUS$15

Send the amount to Talkback Cassette, 20 Oakwood Avenue, Brighton 3186, Australia

,Le Bon Terroriste vous accueille parce que pour démasquer et terroriser Les Mauvais Terroristes [Fasciste, Sioniste, Sadique*], nous avons besoin de beaucoup de Terroristes Magnifiques - - - Vive nos Soldats de Bon Terrorisme!

The Good Terrorist welcomes you because in order to expose and terrorize The Bad Terrorists [Fascist, Zionist, Sadist*], we need many Magnificent Terrorists - - - Long Live our Freedom Fighters!

To contact John, please please telephone, 0400372947 for info/email

Pour contacter John, merci de telephoner 0400372947pour info/email

* Qui prennent votre argent, votre esprit et vos tripes - par ex. les pétroliers, les banquiers et les labos; les propagandistes du regime Taliban, de Tel Aviv et du Texas; les sadiques d'Abu Graib, de Jenin et de pédophilie.

* Who grab your booty, brain and belly - e.g. Oil, bank and medicine controllers; Tel Aviv,Taliban and Texan propagandists; Abu Graib, Jenin and paedophilia sadists.

We have Plutocracy not Democracy, where we legalize for some people,not excess voting power but excess wealth power - and some people know why no media or minister bravely proclaims the need to make excess wealth illegal.. [Click Excess]